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Cell Phone Anti-Theft & Monitoring Software

How much would you be out if your Windows Mobile device was lost or stolen? Would you be able to get it back? Probably not unless you have anti-theft software installed. Our anti-theft software is a thiefís worst nightmare! RecoveryCop software silently alerts you to where your device is. But thatís only the beginning. Listen to surroundings, sound an alarm, record SMS and more! Compatibility...

What is RecoveryCop Anti-Theft and Monitoring Software?

RecoveryCop is the next generation of anti-theft monitoring software for Smartphones and Pocket PCs. Are you prepared in the case of phone theft or loss? If not, then this software is ideal for you. Install this small stealth program onto your compatible smartphone to begin monitoring.

Anytime thereafter, you can use the software to learn valuable information about the phone's whereabouts and usage. You can perform many commands in stealth, such as retrieving new SIM info, GPS location tracking, stealth listening of surroundings, SMS recording and more. Commands can be sent using SMS from any other phone *or* you can login to your included online control panel to interact with the phone. You can also lockdown the device and play a loud alarm to draw attention to your thief or stop them from using the phone.

Works in conjunction with Mobile Spy!

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